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Journal of Qualitative Research in Education (ENAD) is an open access, online, peer reviewed, and free of charge scholarly international journal. It is published Quarterly (January, April, July and October). The main purpose of the journal is to become an academic forum for the development and enhancement of the qualitative research paradigm in educational research both in theory and practice.

Each submission is reviewed by at least two referees who are experts in their field. The review result is reported to the author in three months. There is unlimited access to the published articles. The basic criterion for the publication of the study is being conformity to Malpraktis Decleration and the publication ethics located on the site. Another criterion for the review is that the method of the studies should be written in detail.

ENAD publishes empirical educational research employing a variety of qualitative methods and approaches, such as phenomenology, case study, ethnographic observation and interviewing, narrative, grounded theory etc. Studies employing mixed methods and action research are also welcomed. In addition, we publish theoretical papers, essays, translations and invited manuscripts discussing the application of new technics, analysis, and software in the area of qualitative research.



About Article Topics


Thank you for your great interest in the Journal of Qualitative Research in Education (Eğitimde Nitel Araştırmalar Dergisi - ENAD).
We have decided not to publish studies on certain subjects as of the 2021 publication year. These topics are:

1. Studies on metaphor only.
2. Studies presented only by digitizing data.
3. Studies whose data sources are documents (thesis, article, document, etc.) and presented with quantitative content analysis.
4. Studies presented from a quantitative perspective.

Please review the Author's Guide before submitting your candidate article.

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